22 comments on “Adjusted line limits

  1. I just came to know about the existence of this patch. It’s a fantastic work, guys, I really thank you for thinking about it! I was so looking forward to playing this game. Can’t wait for the patch to be finished.

    I just wanted to know: will you publish the text insertion tools publicly to allow people to make patches in other languages? I could decide to make a fantranslation of this game in my own language, so if you could give us the tools to do it you’d be really awesome.

    Thank you so much for everything you’re doing.

      • Well, it would work in my case, as my language is Italian. But I guess there may be some fixes to do (like making accented letters to work properly). Thanks a lot for your answer!

    • Looking at the font it doesn’t seem to have accented characters so you would likely have to substitute one of the others, perhaps with a now unneeded Japanese character. Not impossible just a pain to do as you’ll have to edit the font and then when inserting text put whatever substitute you choose.

      • I guess so. Where are the fonts stored in the game, exactly? Does the patch still use a Unicode coding or you changed it to ASCII?

    • Font is stored in the GAMEDATA/FONT folder, input for scripts is UTF8 but it is converted to a select list of available Shift-JIS characters:

      。,.・:;?!゛゜´`¨^ ̄_ヽヾゝゞ〃仝々〆〇ー―‐/\~∥|…‥‘’“”()〔〕[]{}〈〉《》「」『』【】+-±×÷=≠<>≦≧∞∴♂♀°′″℃¥$¢£%#&*@§☆★○●◎◇◆□■△▲▽▼※〒→←↑↓〓∈∋⊆⊇⊂⊃∪∩∧∨¬⇒⇔∀∃∠⊥⌒∂∇≡≒≪≫√∽∝∵∫∬ʼn♯♭♪†‡¶◯^123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzぁあぃいぅうぇえぉおかがきぎくぐけげこごさざしじすずせぜそぞただちぢっつづてでとどなにぬねのはばぱひびぴふぶぷへべぺほぼぽまみむめもゃやゅゆょよらりるれろゎわゐゑをん‚@アィイゥウェエォオカガキギクグケゲコゴサザシジスズセゼソゾタダチヂッツヅテデトドナニヌネノハバパヒビピフブプヘベペホボポマミムメモャヤュユョヨラリルレロヮワヰヱヲンヴヵヶ
      [loads of kanji]

      Final Promise Story

      Luckly for this one I didn’t have to edit the font, their previous game (Final Promise Story) uses a similar font system but didn’t include a full alphabet font so I edited it, similarly substituting font for Sol Trigger should be possible.

      I think Sol might be easier than FPS though but I haven’t looked at in detail, for FPS the system was sort messed up

      -chars held as 16×16 pixel greyscale image
      -1 nibble per pixel
      -split into top and bottom (16×8 pixel)
      -letters top/bottoms stored in pairs (2 chars side by side)
      -gained by splitting into (0x0-0x7) and (0x8-0xF)
      -128 byte sections
      -byte order for pixel pairs is reversed
      – NOT 0123456789ABCDEF
      but 1032547698BADCFE

    • I posted an example here

      Once Sol Trigger is finished it is a possibility, a text insertion tool is done already. However the font itself needs quite a bit of work and there’s 2 sets to edit but I known how to modify it. The text will likely need some asm hacks for sizing and there was some weird glitches with text insertions. The LBA protection is also a problem.

      Basically there’s a lot of technical work to do and there is currently no translator for it so it’ll be a while.

  2. Wow I just found this. Can’t wait for the release 😛 Is the “Patch Detail/Progress” section updated?

    • Sorry probably not for a while, the technical stuff is pretty much done but getting the text ready and actually inserting it will take some time

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