45 comments on “Progress Update

  1. Wow! Not much I can say other than, well, looks great; you guys are clearly putting a lot of effort into it. Keep up the great work, and be dang proud of what you’ve accomplished already =)

  2. OMG you’re working really hard on it! I wish you don’t have any problem translating it and finish it correctly ^ ^

    Also, when you finish translating this game, you should translate other games. People would be very thankful c:

    • What other games would you be interested in? Obviously I can’t promise anything right now, I’m just asking out of curiosity.

      (also, I’m aware of Final Promise Story / Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari which is sort of a prequel to Sol Trigger but at the moment I’m not interested in translating that one.)

      • I’m insterested in 7th Dragon 2020, 7th Dragon 2020-II, Fate Extra CCC, Monster Hunter Portable 3rt (I know that it’s 90% translated but anyway) Tales of world: Radiant mitology 3, Crimial Girls, Yakuza Black Phanter and Black Phanter 2… and a lot more. I know some of them are not as good as Sol Trigger could be but… I’ve seen in forums and web pages that there are a lot of people interested in all of them. I know you can’t promise anything, I know that it’s hard to trasnlate games so I’m not asking anything. I’ll be very happy if you finish Sol Trigger, and I’ll be really thankful, well, I already am ^ ^

  3. Please take your time don’t rush the release, and i hope you’re not going to disappear like the FF Type 0 team, a lot of gems need to be saved from the evil japanese language.

  4. Wow, ! I’ve been following you progress and I was really happy to see this report. You guys have been working hard ont his! Now that’s commitment and that’s why, like buuhhu said,i’d like to see you guys working on some other game after this one if you want to (well duh). Doesn’t need to be, like, right after finishing this one. I mean, you guys have really REALLY earned a vacation. Anyway, I always write to much online so, i just want to finish this comment thanking you for your hard work and good luck!

  5. This update looks AWESOME!
    Thanks for all the hard work guys, it’s very appreciated!

    It’s truly amazing to see the love for our little PSP system, Sony moved on, but the PSP community thrives despite that!

    I’ve been holding off on playing through the current, or latest release of this translation because of the excitement of being able to play a fully translated version is too enticing!

    Plus my Japanese skills are…basic…still learning how to read, speak and write. If only my skills were better I could help you guys out.

    Long comment aside, thanks again to the whole team for all the hard work! Stoked to see this completed! πŸ™‚

  6. Will this possible to be release at the end of this year or is it gonna be more of a next year?

    Not patch begging or anything, just something for me to decide whether this project gonna be something I’d follow almost religiously everyday or not.

  7. Just found out about this game today, and when looking it up I found this site. And I just wanted to thank y’all for putting so much effort into translating the game! I can’t wait to see the final patch. Keep up the good work!

  8. you should put a donation link in your site not saying you just need it but honestly you deserve some extra rewards for this hardwork

    • For us, being able to complete this patch is a reward itself. We don’t really need anything else. πŸ˜‰

      Of course, we always welcome encouraging posts from time to time! Thanks for your support.

      • Wow! I can fully understand that achieving something while not being paid is something that cannot be bought. Especially if you’ve gained irreplaceable experience and knowledge upon doing the project. Priceless indeed!

  9. An update at last and a freaking awesome one at that, it got so quiet i thought it was no longer being worked on, whew, i panicked a little as i’ve been wanting to play this game for years. πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for continuing with the project! I’ll wait for the full patch release πŸ™‚ β™₯ The progress looks so good! πŸ˜€ Once again, Thanks for your hard work! I’ll support this project in the future, from Argentina, and I’ll be tuned for future updates!!!!

  11. The screenshots look amazing, so clean and i can’t believe all the text you are fitting into those text boxes. You can barely tell it’s a fan made translation, and when the images are done it will be as good as an official localization.

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