31 comments on “Imageepoch is no more :(

  1. For a moment there i thought you were refering to a member of the team (not your fault, you were quite clear but I’ve just woke up xD), then I saw rai’s comment and read the post again. THE RELIEF!

    • Anyway, a question: I’ve been told that after some point ingame you get a new set of characters (weird btw but it just makes me even more interested in the game). Are those the 4 younger ones?

      • 2nd row has some of the new characters + Chinami the shop keeper. Some characters not shown because of spoilers (those 3 are in the opening so it doesn’t matter too much)

  2. Sucks that this happened but I hope you will continue translating this great game,hopefully the team will inspire other games or a miracle will happen and they’ll be re-united.

  3. Such a shame, makes the release of CCC in the west even more unlikely. Hope the staff will join other companies 🙂

      • B-b-b-but is August first, is the birthday of someone in the world or an important date somewhere, we need another update, the day deserve it, and not even the Zettai Zetsumei Toshi 3 project have an update (? :c

        Nah, but seriously, is all going well with the project? n.n)/

  4. …. Now I am bit afraid of taking degree in Gaming….
    Oh well, let hope my future is not that bad.. jobless
    Anyway, thank you for continuing this project. Its been like 1 year? . Stay healthy and work hard toward your dream. << This is not empty word. I really mean it.

  5. hi im playing this game on my adnroid device using ppsspp. how can I use your translations?
    im looking forward to this. I just started the game (only like 2 mins into the game and im hyped) and wanted to play with atleast english skills and menus.

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