49 comments on “Happy New Year! (again)

  1. oh my god its still alive yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thank you i cant wait to play this game i(i hope soon 🙂 )

  2. I would love it if you guys could update us on the progress more often. Of course we respect the fact that you guys are working so hard on this hard project but updating yearly makes us lose hope sometimes and we would start thinking you guys gave up on the project.

  3. Stay tuned for no news folks!! Stay Tuned to be ignored!! Stay tuned for month 3 of the 4th (5th?) year of being Trolled Sol Trigger Style!!~

    • I wish I was trolling… I haven’t been able to contact the lead hacker in months. We were supposed to release a v0.95 patch soon after I made this post…

      • What a terrible sin!
        I don’t know why people bring a responsability for something, waits for others people to complete part of the job and disappear without notice, this reminds god eater 2 translation project…
        I hope this project will see the light at this point….

  4. Thank you for all the work you have done so far everyone. I really hope the hacker will come back or that you are going to find a new one, i want to play that game so badly 😀 be well and happy new year (i know it is a bit late).

  5. Seriusly guys, find another programmer.
    I’ts a shame that a nearly finished project fails because somene disappear 😦

  6. Does this have anything to do with that Zeromonkey_g guy who bailed earlier this year on the Zero no Kiseki translation/project? I thought he was only peripherally helping out on some stuff?? Where is JamRules at?? Hopefully you guys/gals still have your current work right?

    I am sure if you ask around you can find someone to help with the last bit you need to finish?

  7. I hope you somehow manage to resolve this (either manage to contact the lead hacker or get help from another one) as I’ve wanted to play a proper english version of this game for so long. Playing the japanese version and having to look at a guide to see what the hell people say/what names items have is a unholy pain

  8. Is there something we can do? Email him/her? Find another programmer ( maybe on gba? )? This just really bites. I have been looking forward to this game for awhile, would be a real shame for it to collapse just before it was nearly complete 😦

  9. Hey Darekasan, I know this whole situation must be embarrassing and frustrating for you and I’m sorry things haven’t gone according to plan. Could you give us an update on the current state of the project? Were you able to get in touch with the lead programmer? What you have done so far is great and we’re not mad with you. It’s not like we could have done it ourselves!

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