71 comments on “Patch 0.9 Release…

  1. hmm i suggest Maybe if possible you can pass this project to someone to complete it.
    2 years have passed and I’m still hoping to finish the game till the end of the story.

      • “Not yet.”
        YEAH! That alone gives me hope. Thanks, darekasan and know that no matter what happens there’s countless invisible people rooting for you on this project. Sincerely.

      • I’ve had this site bookmarked for the last three years, I check in every so often, and I’m really happy to see this very quick post from you here. I hope you’re able to complete the project one day, no matter how long it takes. Fan-translating a game like this has got to be a tremendous undertaking, so thank you for all the work you’ve done so far.

  2. It crashes after chapter 7. You know. When farel and sophie did the thing. Then the final mission. It crashes. Huhu i want to finish this game so bad

  3. Guys is the translation project still ongoing? Been playing the 0.9 patch and currently on Chapter 4, so far so great. I’ll finish this patch and wait for the complete release of the English translation. Keep up the hard work, translators!!! ;)))

  4. I am extremely hopeful that this game translation finishes, seems like there are still alot of us who are waiting.

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