34 comments on “Patch 0.9 Release…

  1. I just so happen to check this site after a while and saw this post today, wow thanks for this, even if it’s not a complete patch, it really does mean a lot.

  2. Thanks for all your hardwork guys!
    I probably won’t play this and just wait until you’ve completed the patch~ I’m a very patient person so waiting is my specialty ahaha~

  3. Thanks for this patch man this Legend of heroes zero 1 and Kyonyuu Fantasy will be all I Play and Fate Grand order alongside FE Heroes

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  5. By “most of the story”, do you mean that at least the main story arc is in this patch, i.e. one can safely play this version and understand the whole story?

    • Based on some people i’ve talked to on other sites, i’d say this is about ~95% complete, you can play this up to the point where the translation ends then come back for the full version when it comes out (hopefully it will be) other than that people encountered minor bugs/glitches but they won’t hinder the experince

      • False only about 50-60% patched you can only play the first arc then you run into wall of jap text in second arc after first chapter. 2 confirmed players have noted and played through already

  6. Hey thanks a lot for this man! I know that you wanted to push the 100% version out, but what you guys have done regardless of that is amazing. Know that we’re truly grateful for all your time and effort! Thanks again.

  7. This patch doesn’t translate more than the first beta you released. Only first half of the game is inserted. So nothing changed for us from the previous release.

  8. thankyou very much darekasan for the update finnaly we can play it. thankyou to the all the team for the hardwork!!

  9. Thanks for your hard work….

    This is really my most awaited fan translation next to the missing Legend of Heroes games, so i almost teared up when i saw this news today.

    Is the story really fully translated?

      • Update:

        Second Arc:
        – 7/7 chapters are indeed translated but its mixed with Japanese and English Texts thus making everyone think that the 2nd Arc is in Japanese.

  10. So grateful for your hard work! i hope the full release will be available soon. Thank you so much and keep it up!

  11. Honestly the previous beta was better. Roughly the same translated without the bugged characters and crashes (chapter 7).
    Stick to the old version i say. BTW Where is JAMRules??? This is a train wreck.

  12. Ok but I don’t get it. This patch is almost 90-100% of the story or this is only 60-70%?

    I have contradictory info here xD

  13. It’s too many people saying one thing and another thing. I’m totally confused. I’m just gonna wait until JamRules comes back.

  14. I have another problem with the characters voices in cinematics, I can’t hear it. I suppose that the patch has a bug. I will wait for the final patch for a best experience. Thanks for the effort!!!

  15. Thanks for your work guys, i really hope that in the near future a complete versione of the patch will be release.

  16. While this is appreciated, I’ll pass. I’ve waited this long so I have no problem waiting until it’s 100% complete at this point. Periodic updates would be nice though, it makes waiting easier.

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