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This is a website for the fan-translation of the PSP game Sol Trigger.

This is NOT an encouragement for piracy. Please support the developer and apply the patch to a backup of your own UMD.

What is this game?

Sol Trigger is a turn-based JRPG for the PlayStation Portable developed by ImageEpoch and released in 2012 in Japan only. Check out our video to see the progress we’ve made!

What happened to the XenoTranslations project?

Xenotranslations is the group started by romhacker Subevil, who originally worked on fan-translating Sol Trigger. However, they seemed to have disbanded and their project was left incomplete. We are not part of XenoTranslations, but wanted to pick up this project, and so we have teamed up with their translator GareJei to complete a fan-translation of Sol Trigger.

Who are you guys then?

Our team consists of:

JamRules – Romhacker
GareJei – Translator – http://gareblogs.wordpress.com/
darekasan – Script editor / Quality assurance

However, we’d also like to thank the following people:

Subevil – the person who originally began this project and generated the hype for a potential fan-translation
AkashiChronicler – for helping us with the complicated character images and various textures
Mugi – from BlackLabelTranslations who did the initial research – https://www.youtube.com/user/Muguster

When will the full patch be done?

The date of completion is unknown, but rest assured we are working on it.

How do I use .pff? files

You can use a program such as PPFoMatic3. A backup of the original game is recommended. Make sure that your game file isn’t set to read only. The patch will only work with an unaltered, original backup, which you can get from your UMD.

23 comments on “About / FAQ

  1. waw it’s look promising
    i will waiting it
    and thank you so much for your hardwork

    sory for my bad english

  2. Hello I have a question!
    Can you tell me please how do you get these
    pictures ?

    I had try to use a BMS script from chrrox and when I convert
    the TPK file in the 2D folder I only get PTM,TXB and LYOP files


    • Textures are stored in .txb file, they start with the magic of PTMD,
      but you’ll probably need to understand programming/textures to convert the in-game textures to something useful

      And thanks for posting about chrrox, didn’t know, found some cool scripts for the 3d models (just for the lols, would be funny to have a BRS model in the game)

  3. First of all i would like to thank you for this project, i really appreciate it

    i have a question guys
    it’s been a while since i’ve heard about new update from this project, what happened ?
    i hope this project is still alive, because this game is great

    i’ll keep waiting for update from you guys and thank you so much for your hardwork

    • I patch my .Iso File to the new link they posted but nothings changed. Hayz* just when i feel excited about the Skills in translated.
      *Or is it because my .Iso is already patched?
      *Do i really need the Original/Clean .Iso?
      I dont have the UMD. So i just need to DL it but i cant find the Original .Iso (Not sure) cuz i saw a japan version at nicoblog (was that a Clean One?).

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