Known Issues

Beware if you’ve downloaded one of the very early patches available previously they do not represent the final patch.

The patch in progress now has pretty much been totally redone and be much better than anything released previously.

It is highly recommended that you wait until the final patch is released.

17 comments on “Known Issues

  1. is it normal that there are some part of the game that has audio bugs? like for example, the cutscenes, it has no audio but you can hear a partial audio from the beginning of the cutscene but disappears after a second

  2. i am using a real psp…. psp 3004 6.20 PRO-C…. i guess my copy is damaged. need to redownload

  3. dang… the problem is not with the patch nor the untouched iso… i think it’s on the psp.. i see other people experiencing the same problem.. no voice on the movie/cutscene.. maybe it’s a plugin problem or CFW maybe.. (sigh)… but i am sure it is not your patch’s cause nor the game itself >.< sorry for the bother..

    • There’s so many combinations of PSP models and firmware it’s possible some are buggy,
      as a note I’m using 6.6 PRO-B9 and haven’t noticed any problems.

  4. maybe i’m gonna try PRO-B9… or maybe it’s a plugin issue or something… anyway, i’m really enjoying the game and it’s already fully playable despite being in japanese thanks to your english patch.. keep it up!

  5. There’s also this problem. After a fight, you will notice a red dot blinking on the left of your character. I saw this while using Lars but don’t know if this also happens on Farel or I kinda forgot. Thanks btw.

  6. Hey guys, I’m actually playing in Sophie route and once I reach the discussion after Farel and Sophie event, the game crashes. I already completed the game on Fran route and had no problem but not this time, if someone can help me, that would be great 🙂

  7. Thanks for your project, i hope this project is still alive, theres crash on chap 7, i know how hard you made it but all of us is still waiting to you, Thanks i’ll looking for next update ^_^ Ganbatte ne…

  8. I’m in love with this game and find the last patch 0.9 very good for the first part of the game. Unfortunaly I’m at the begining of Farel chapter 7 on Sophie route and the game crash. I was ready to finish it even if it is not fully translated. This is too bad. I hope you finish it soon I’m dying to continue. Don’t give up!

  9. Has anyone found a workaround for the Chapter 7 Crash yet? The best solution I could find was loading the saves in an unmodified copy of the game.

  10. Guys I just reached chapter 7 and the game suddenly crashed, this is making me mad!!
    And I don’t know what to do 😔

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