Patch Download Links

It is highly recommended that you wait until the final patch is released!

The links are below mainly because the patches include un-patch data

These patches are very initial versions and nowhere near complete!

They do not represent the quality of the final release

(02/02/2014 Version)

How do I use .pff? (From FAQ)

You can use a program such as PPFoMatic3. A backup of the original game is recommended. Also make sure that your game file isn’t set to read only. The patch will only work with an unaltered original backup, should be easy to get from a UMD.

29 comments on “Patch Download Links

  1. is it okay if you upload it on other file hosting site? filecloud’s just too damn slow for me :(((((

  2. i patch the iso with latest patch, i have question, can i overwrite the patched iso with future patch ?

    • You’ll have to use a use a clean copy, but the .ppf includes undo data if you didn’t make a backup.
      If you have to use ppf-o-matic-3 and tick the box for “Apply Undo-Patch-Data”

    • I recommend waiting for the final patch (no date for when that’s out) but anyway we don’t encourage piracy. Though I do know that google will bring up links

  3. Uhm.. So I have the english patch of it (yet i think it’s not even near your new progress)..i’m done with “Apply Undo-Patch-Data” (It’s back to Japanese letters) and patched it came back with some english translation YET there’s no changes in the previous english patch that i mentioned please?

      • It did work..the problem is

        I downloaded an english patch where it’s not even close to what the latest progress have right now.
        Hoping that i can recopy the patch doesn’t’s still like the version i downloaded (The old English Patch)

  4. Guys im dying of cancer this year.
    I have no idea when exactly but the doctor said i wont last the year.
    I have been waiting for this since it was announced.
    Wont I get to play it before I die?

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